Built from the ground up around the Genetic® patent family, Patently is home to features fizzing with innovation

The Genetic® family

Patent families can be complex. Two well-known types, the Simple family and the Extended family, each have their own drawbacks when you try to work with them.

Genetic® families are INPADOC families built not just by priority relationships but also by AI-based linkage of subject-matter, providing family insights and efficiencies. 

Data is sourced directly from selected patent offices and reliability is ensured by family-based data cleansing and correction, along with many years' manual checking and verification.

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"I love how intuitive this platform is"

Patently’s modern Visual IP® interface makes the world's most complex and valuable portfolios easy to navigate.

The C-Tree® represents every patent family with an interactive visual, providing a family-level overview and instant drill-down to case-level information.

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Standards and FRAND

The best-in-class database of patents that have been declared essential to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standards.  Patently’s ETSI module is litigation tested, having been approved in key UK and US court judgements for FRAND rate analysis.

  • declarants and current owners
  • written contributions (TDocs)
  • Manually reviewed SEP families
  • analytics insights
  • essentiality claim charting
  • bespoke projects

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Multi-level reviews

Review status, ownership, full text, drawings and claims, both at the family level and at the case level.

Use family-level and case-level workspaces and workflows to organise your comments and ratings for whole families together and for patents individually.  

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Secure messaging

We have made it easy for you to work together on strategic patent projects.

With InPatently messaging, you can discuss projects securely without using email.

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"A patent tool so revolutionary,
even Thomas Edison would approve"

I was amazed how easy it is to review our portfolio using Patently’s tools and workflows. As a result, we can quickly keep track of key assets and identify where best to direct our resources.

IP Counsel, Silicon Valley Company

A considerable facet of the case which we presented to the Court in Unwired Planet involved the parsing of the ETSI database into something which more accurately represented the true value of what had been declared by multiple entities as essential. This necessitated organising over 100,000 declared patents into just under 6,000 families and then further rationalising these into various categories so as to come up with a measure of “true value”. This analysis was broadly accepted by the Court as a reasonable attempt to rationalise the database and was preferred over the work carried out by our opponents.

The success which Unwired Planet achieved in that case, success which has been recognised in the IP Community throughout the world, is due in no small part to the work, skill and dedication of the Patently team.

Partner, Patent Law Firm