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Genetic families

Patent families can be complex. Two well-known family types, the Simple family and the Extended family, each have their own drawbacks. Neither is optimised for review purposes.

Patently’s Genetic™ families are built not just by priority claim links but also by linkage of subject-matter, making your reviews far more efficient. A representative publication is carefully selected to avoid duplication. 

To deal with large patent families (especially so-called mega-families), Genetic™ families are grouped at two different levels, the Superfamily™ and the Hyperfamily™ for multi-powered zoom.

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Family visuals

Patently’s family visuals make the most complex and valuable patent families simple to understand.

The C-Tree™ instantly represents every patent family with an interactive tree visual.  Up-to-date status information is clearly shown for each individual family member, and any details you need can be accessed via the nodes of the C-Tree.

The Family Time™ visual shows the main events (pendency start, grant, and end of life) for each family member in an aligned set of timelines integrated with the C-Tree.

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Standard Essential Patents

Patently’s enhanced Standard Essential Patent (SEP) data are litigation-tested in court, and have been approved for accurate worldwide FRAND analysis.

Users can:

  • accurately identify holders of SEP families
  • carry out analyses and counts of “real” SEP families
  • use custom filters to show difficult-to-find insights into SEP portfolios 

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In-context review

View status, ownership, full text, drawings and claims, for whole families together or for individual family members.  The Workpad™ can be kept on screen throughout, to receive your comments and ratings. 

When you then share the results of your review, your review is shown in situ, so that the context is passed on without any additional work on your part.

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Team messaging

We have made it easy to collaborate on strategic projects.

Use Patently Messenger™, our secure messaging module, to discuss projects privately without using email.

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Transform the way you work with Patently

A considerable facet of the case which we presented to the Court in Unwired Planet involved the parsing of the ETSI database into something which more accurately represented the true value of what had been declared by multiple entities as essential. This necessitated organising over 100,000 declared patents into just under 6,000 families and then further rationalising these into various categories so as to come up with a measure of “true value”. This analysis was broadly accepted by the Court as a reasonable attempt to rationalise the database and was preferred over the work carried out by our opponents.

The success which Unwired Planet achieved in that case, success which has been recognised in the IP Community throughout the world, is due in no small part to the work, skill and dedication of the Patently team.

Partner, UK IP Law firm

I discovered a crucial patent using Patently’s search process that I could not find in other databases. As a direct result we saved a fortune in R&D costs

IP Manager, UK Engineering Company