Meet Asha

Asha Kaur

Asha Kaur is a Patent Information Specialist with a knack for diving into everything except coding – a line she wisely draws in the digital sand. As a versatile team player, Asha is on a mission to contribute her expertise and enthusiasm to launch a groundbreaking product that will reshape our perception and utilisation of patent information.

Asha thrives on fostering a collaborative team culture, seamlessly switching hats to tackle diverse aspects of our startup. Her journey includes delving into unfamiliar territories within the business landscape, demonstrating her resilience and adaptability.

Beyond the office, Asha's adventurous spirit shines through a quirky fact: she's not just navigating corporate waters, but she's swum with sharks in the crystal-clear depths of the Maldives. It's that attitude that she brings to both her professional and personal pursuits.

When she's not decoding patent intricacies or leading the charge on multifaceted projects, you'll find Asha in the fast lane—whether it's conquering Peloton challenges or making waves in the swimming pool. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with a touch of daring, makes Asha a vital force in steering our team towards innovation and success.