The intuitive patent data platform

get the max from your strategic projects

Quick and simple

quickly set up and complete cloud-based projects

Powerful analysis

conduct in-depth reviews with a suite of tools

Seamless teamwork

bring in your teams to handle complex matters

There is no wealth like knowledge


the ultimate review engine

You can quickly add ratings, tags and comments to any patent family, with immediate access to the information you need.

Full customisability allows you to define the parameters of your review, including field selection and terminology.

You can filter by your ratings and tags to instantly report on any segment, and drill down further in combination with other filters.

No man is an island


work better in teams

Give colleagues and other stakeholders access to projects, on a team-by-team basis.  With simple yet sophisticated roles and permissions, you define what each member of a team can, and cannot, do.

We've built in secure team messaging for project management and key discussions, so you don't ever have to fall back to emails.

Patently® is designed for optimum outcomes, whatever your strategic projects entail:

portfolio reviews

infringement and validity analyses

freedom to operate (FTO)

competitor intelligence

technology landscapes


due diligence

onboarding acquisitions

data quality improvement

FRAND rate determination

litigation prep

and more ...