Patents, simplified

One workspace for patents and patent portfolios

Genetic® patent families

Unparalleled patent information worldwide, organised into Genetic® families

Powerful analysis

AI and NLP automation for patent reviews

Seamless teamwork

Secure information sharing every step of the way

There is no wealth like knowledge


The ultimate review engine

Capture ratings, tags and comments, with immediate access to the complete patent family information

  • Review post-grant challenges including USPTO PTAB proceedings and EPO oppositions
  • Family-based analytics for review data
  • Filter and report by any combination instantly

No man is an island


So many ways to collaborate

  • Connect colleagues and other stakeholders 
  • Arrange projects by function, team and/or by matter
  • Roles and permissions define what each stakeholder can, and cannot, do
  • Encrypted messaging, as an alternative to email

Portfolio Management

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Reviews

Competitor Intelligence

Technology Landscaping


Due Diligence

Patent Mining

FRAND Rate Determination

Patent Litigation Support

and more ...