Meet Ben

Ben Willis

Ben Willis is a Technical Program Manager at Patently, bridging technical expertise with a strategic vision that propels us into the future of patent intelligence. With a goal to innovate and lead the team in developing cutting-edge technologies, Ben aspires to revolutionize patent search and assessment, positioning Patently as a pioneer in the field.

In his impressive journey, Ben has orchestrated the seamless integration of technical intricacies with overarching strategic goals. His ability to navigate the intersection of technology and vision has been pivotal in shaping our forward-thinking approach to patent intelligence.

While the professional realm sees Ben charting the course for the future, there's a touch of mystery with a quirky fact: the secret to his success might just lie in his undisclosed hidden talent or interest.

Outside the realms of technical prowess, Ben finds joy in the vast horizons of travel, the serenity of sailing, the excitement of video games, and the immersive worlds painted by sci-fi novels. These diverse interests mirror his multifaceted approach to both work and life.

As the captain of our technical ship, Ben Willis steers us towards new horizons, blending innovation with strategic foresight and anchoring us in a future where patent intelligence knows no bounds.