Meet Nirupam

Nirupam Biswas

Nirupam is a Senior Database Architect/Analyst at Patently and the creative force behind Patently’s streamlined data solutions.

Inspired by the wisdom of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, Niru aims to resolve complexity with simplicity, designing user-centric solutions for intricate business needs.

With a track record of diving into the startup realm, Niru has left an mark by spearheading the establishment of robust database development and administration teams. His pivotal role in transforming fragmented processes into integrated, enterprise-scale database environments speaks volumes about his expertise and problem-solving prowess.

Beyond the world of databases and algorithms, Niru brings a touch of ambidexterity to the table—left-handed dominance but a knack for using the right hand for eating and the occasional Sock game. In the cricket field, he's a dual threat, bowling with the left hand and switching to the right for a powerful bat swing.

Outside the digital realm, Niru finds solace in the great outdoors, immersing himself in the tranquility of hiking trails. His lens captures not only data points but also breathtaking moments through the art of photography.

With goals set on continuing his journey of innovation and simplicity, Nirupam Biswas is a vital architect of our data landscape, shaping the future of decision-making with his technical acumen and creative mindset.